Zone Progression Training (Z.P.T.)

Owen onΒ  Z.P.T

What Z.P.T. is designed to do is to get you into the best shape both internally and externally possible. All workouts are done in rapid succession with very little rest. All workouts incorporate my pushing and pulling philosophies, along with dynamic shoulder, leg, and abs elements. Very rarely, with the exception of some shoulder moves, do I isolate single muscles. This ensures that your biceps will grow in proportion to your lats; triceps in proportion to your chest. It also kills many birds with one stone. By doing resistance movement with multiple muscle groups done in rapid succession you not only stimulate lean muscle growth but you also reap the cardio benefits thus saving valuable time, without compromising workout quality. Simply put, when you follow my Z.P.T. workouts you will get in the best shape of your life faster and more efficiently than any other workout system.”-Owen


  1. Owen – I can’t find any rack accessories. I bought the rack 3 years ago and I love it! I can’t find the rack website any more to buy accessories. Can you help me out? Thanks for a program that has changed my life, I love the workouts you’ve built and if the rack is no longer available, do you have a site that will continue my quest for a great workout for my body- I’ve done a lot of workout routines before and never felt better, stronger, and seen incredible results faster than yours and I’ve 46yrs old. I use your system 6 days a week.

    Thanks for any help-
    Matthew McCullough

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