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    Online access to the world's most sought after Fitness and Lifestyle expert. Exclusive workouts, meals, cutting edge techniques and fitness solutions for anyone looking to "step it up"!

    About Owen McKibbin

    Former pro athlete, Cover King, and published fitness expert. Male Super Model, and Television personality as featured on ABC, CBS, NBC News, Fox News, Extra TV, ET, ESPN and more.

    Zone Progression Training (Z.P.T.)

    Owen’s cutting edge methodology designed to gain max results in the shortest amount of time. McKibbinFitness.com includes exclusive Z.P.T. workout videos ranging from 2 to 30 minutes.

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ZPT 102.1 (Stairs)

This is another one of my favorites, a "Go-To" Z.P.T. classic at the stairs. Focusing on the pulling muscles in

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Z.P.T. Complement Exercises

These are some of the best exercises to complement your core Zone Progression Training routine. Pick and choose your favorites

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Z.P.T. Hybrid

If you are planning on having an off day, this Z.P.T. Hybrid workout is the perfect combination of Z.P.T 101

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Stairs Techniques

Here is a complete rundown of the various techniques that I use when I am at the stairs. Although the

Some of Owen's past Work                                                                                                                                                                                           Testimonials

It's no accident that Owen McKibbin has appeared on more Men's Health covers than any other model-- or that those covers have been best sellers in the magazine's 20 year history. He personifies the goals of the Men's Health reader. Not only does he have the best abs in the history of the human species, he's a guy you'd want on your team in a pickup basketball game and a guy you;d gladly share a beer with afterward. But Owen is more than a nice guy and an accomplished athlete with unbelievable abs. he's a hard-working family man who has overcome a surprising amount of adversity. Owen has a lot to teach us about eating right, exercising right, and even living right.
David Zinczenko, Men’s Health


Owen McKibbin is one of the most photographed men of all time. He was featured on the cover of Men’s Health Magazine 19 times, each time setting a new sales record for the popular publication. He has been the spokesperson for products such as Bowflex, The Rack, and more. And Owen’s story isn’t the typical one. Owen has fought through a broken back, and high disposition to heart disease that has plagued his family and a hectic personal life. Owen McKibbin may be one of the most respected fitness and lifestyle authorities in the world but he is also and ordinary guy with a motivation and drive like we all hope to have. McKibbin Fitness is the worlds first online personal trainer, with Owen McKibbin helping to motivate and push you to a healthier lifestyle and a happy life.